Terms and Conditions

The following outlines the terms of use that visitors to lenshour.com (henceforth referred to as “we”, “us” or “our”) must follow in order to continue using the services that are provide by our website.

The following actions constitute use of our website and will thus be covered by this document:

• Accessing the website on any device.
• Contacting us using the facilities provided by our website.
• Browsing the pages and content hosted on our website.
• Purchasing a product using our website.

By using the services that are offered by our website, you herby agree to be bound by the terms set out in this document. Failure to comply with these terms when making use of our website may result in action being taken to restrict or prevent usage in cases where this is deemed appropriate.

If you do not agree to comply with these terms of use, you will be unable to use our website or any of the services described above.

Accessing our website

We have made our website available to users completely free of charge and have made various products available for purchase. You are granted the ability to make purchases using our website, by automatically creating an account with us upon checkout. The majority of the services offered by the website will be offered to both non-subscribers and account holders, however, we reserve the right to make additional information and offers available to those who have created an account.

We do not guarantee that our website, its content, access to it or the services it provides will remain uninterrupted, however, we will endeavour to ensure that said services are made available for the maximum amount of time, barring issues relating to servers or security.

We reserve the right to withdraw, suspend and make alterations to the website at any time and at our discretion, without notification to the user.

We will also not be liable for any of the following issues that may result due to inability for users to access our website:

• Interruption of your business services.
• Loss of profit.
• Loss of website services.
• Any indirect damage that is caused by your being unable to access the services that we provide.

In cases where we link to third party websites, we do not accept liability for the content contained on those websites and have no control over the service that they provide to their users.

Viruses and malware

We make every effort to ensure that our website is as secure as possible, particularly in cases where we are required to access your personal information. However, we cannot guarantee that our website will be permanently free of viruses, malware of bugs.

We commit to removing any offending content as soon as it has been identified, in order to provide the level of service promised to our users.

You are responsible for ensuring that the device you use to access our website, and any devices that are connected to this device, have adequate protection against any of the previously mentioned threats.

When using this website, you agree to not knowingly introduce any harmful material onto the website, including but not limited to offensive language, malwares, viruses or any other material that may disrupt the operation of our website, cause damage to the website or disrupt the experience of other users of the site. Failure to comply with this term amounts to a criminal offence and will be punished by law in cases where it is deemed appropriate.

Please note that we do not accept liability for any damages that may result from accessing our website as a result of the previously mentioned issues.

Intellectual copyright

All of the information, including content, code and service provision, is created and owned by us. In cases where such content is not owned by us, it is used with the express permission of the content creator. The content, code and services offered by our website may not be duplicated, reused or made use of for your business purposes unless specific permission is provided to you by us.

You are provided with permission to print and use content and materials from our website for personal use. Any materials that are used for anything other than personal use without our permission must be destroyed, removed from the website that is hosting them or otherwise returned to us.

If we determine that you have used the content, code or services offered by our website in a way that does not comply with these terms, we reserve the right to restrict your access to our website. In cases where these terms have been breached by a user who holds an account with our website we reserve the right to suspend this account pending further investigation.

Changes to website content and terms

We reserve the right to alter these terms at any time and are under no obligation to inform our website users that the terms have been changed.

We also reserve the right to update, amend or remove content from our website at our discretion. We are under no obligation to inform our website users when such updates have been made, but may do so in cases where it is deemed appropriate.

There may be content on our website that is considered out of date. We are under no obligation to update this content, except in cases where it is required by law.

Registration and Newsletter Sign-up

By purchasing an item from Lens Hour, an account is automatically created from the provided data you have assigned and a random password will be generated and sent to you through email. When your order has been processed a second email will also be sent for you to confirm your subscription to our newsletter (if you deem necessary).

Contacting us

If you wish to contact us regarding these terms or any other issue that you have with our website please use the contact form that is provided by our website.