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Coopervision Biomedics 55 Evolution

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Brand: Coopervision
Model: Biomedics 55 Evolution
Use Case: Nearsightness/Farsightness (Aspheric)
Type: Soft lenses
Lenses Per Box: 6
Replacement Intervals: 1 Month
Annual Supply: 12 boxes
Colour: Clear
DIA: 14.2
Lens Material: Ocufilcon D (45%), Water (55%)

Coopervision continue to deliver on their promise to offer the highest levels of contact lens performance to customers with the Biomedics 55 Evolution, which can be used by both near and farsighted individuals.

The aspheric lens design ensures crisp and clear vision at all times, while the ultraviolet (UV) filter incorporated into the lenses offers additional protection for the eyes. Comfort is also a high priority, which is why these contacts make use of a soft lens design that cuts down on irritability levels and allows for use over a number of days.

Each box contains six lenses, which will last most users for one month, assuming they follow the instructions provided. Please let us know the axis values, level of astigmatism and values of myopia or hyperopia in each eye before placing your order to ensure you receive the contact lenses that are right for you.