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Coopervision Avaira Contact Lenses

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Brand: Coopervision
Model: Avaira
Used For: Nearsightness/Farsightness
Type: Soft lenses
Lenses Per Box: 6
Replacement Intervals: 2 weeks
Annual Supply: 26 boxes
Colour: Clear
DIA: 14.2
Wettability: Aquaform technology
Lens Material: Enfilcon A (54%), Water (46%)

These soft contact lenses are fully customizable based on your requirements, which makes them ideal for people who are either near or farsighted in addition to being usable by those who have issues with astigmatism. Using a combination of unique materials and Coopervision’s Aquaform technology, they are designed to allow your eyes to breathe, ensuring that they stay nice and moist so you enjoy a comfortable experience while wearing them.

Each box features six pairs of lenses, all of which are also designed to block harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, allowing you to truly enjoy the freedom offered by contact lenses.