14 Easy Ways To Spot Fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses

We’ve all, probably more than once in our lifetimes, encountered a deal on a pair of sunglasses we can’t say no to. Many times we are left wondering if those heavily discounted Ray-Bans are truely genuine or counterfeits. Ray-Ban is one of the most dominant sunglasses companies in the world, which seems to make them a prime target for would-be counterfeiters. Today we are going to take a detailed look into how to spot Ray-Ban fakes with our easy 14-step interactive guide.

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The Packaging

Ray-Ban Box Packaging

When receiving your pair from an online retailer, or when purchasing at a store, the first thing you should look at is the packaging. The sunglasses should come in a light grey, branded retail box or a branded black box for the Tech models. The logo’s image quality should be crisp and clear, the grey colour should be a somewhat shiny silver-greyish colour. The Tech model box should have a distinct carbon-fibre look.

Both boxes should have a label on the side that indicates Luxottica as the manufacturer, in addition to a serial number, a barcode, the model, the frame type and lens details. All these should match up to what is listed on the sunglasses themselves.

Note: Some fakes do come in original boxes that are purchased on eBay.

The Carrying Case

Ray-Ban Case

There are 4 types of carrying cases, depending on the model or your personal preference. They're all very similar but vary in case and logo colour. The available options are black, carbon black, brown and red. The black and red cases have a gold logo, the brown case a black logo and the carbon black case features a metallic silver one.

Original Ray-Ban sunglasses come in a sturdy textured carrying case that feels like leather. The sunglasses should have a snug fit when placed in the case and the stitches should be well put together with no imperfections. The logo should also have no visible imperfections, with the standard Ray-Ban font and the words "100% UV protection - Rayban ® - Sunglasses by LUXOTTICA ☆☆" bordered by a circle with inner teeth. A logo should also be visible on the snap that closes the case.

The Booklets

Ray-Ban Booklet

Everything done by Luxottica goes through strenuous quality testing, even the small booklets that comes with the rest of the accessories. The spelling, grammar and fact-checking should normally hold a high standard in genuine sunglasses. The booklets usually have information as well as promotional material for their products.

The Cleaning Cloth

Ray-Ban Cleaning Cloth

Even the cleaning cloth might be a way to spot the difference between a knock-off and a genuine. The cloth is usually grey, coloured similarly to the box but without the shine, and it will be of very high quality. It should be well-stitched and have a logo in the bottom right corner.

The Hinges

Ray-Ban Hinges

In most models (not all) the use of a metal hinge should be one of the highest indicating factors to a genuine pair. Their dedication to craftsmanship leads Ray-Ban to use 4 locktight screws to hold the metal hinge to the plastic frame and arms. Most fakes have plastic or badly put together hinges with little to no screws.

The Arms

Ray-Ban Arm

When inspecting the pair on the inside of the "arms" you should see that there is a model number ("RB3016"), a colour code (W0366) the lens aswell as a bridge size ("51■21"). Some counterfeits do have all these but checking the alignment of the letters, the font and the general quality should make it easier to identify the fakes. Make sure that they aren't stickers or are easily scratched off.

The Lens Logo

Ray-Ban Lens Logo

On the sunglasses themselves, pay attention to the full Ray-Ban logo in the left corner of the lenses (when the glasses are facing you). It should be clear and feel like it’s a part of the lens. Most fakes feel like a sticker or a separate part of the lens. Fake logos also look like smeared paint with imperfections.

The Lens Material

Ray-Ban Lens Material

By just flicking the lens with your nail you should be able to feel a glass-like material and hear a similar sound to what you would if you did the same with a glass of water.

The Lens Engravings

RB Lens Engraving

On the other side (right when facing you) there’s a small RB symbol close to the edge of the frame. This should be barely visible when wearing the glasses and in most cases transparent, which means you really need to look closely to spot it. The engravings on fake models, much like the lens logo, will seem smeared or imperfect.

The Nose Pads

Ray-Ban Nose Pads

Here we also have a slightly different symbol, as you should note that R-B is on the nose pads of a genuine pair. The nose pads are also a quality part that is perfectly aligned, so if you find that the pads are askew you may have a counterfeit pair.

The Model Number

Ray-Ban Model Number

In many cases fakes might have different model numbers or lens and bridge sizes that aren’t available anywhere on the manufacturer’s website. On most genuine Ray-Bans, the model number is between the lenses in the middle of the temple, with a slight angle downwards.

The Lens Sticker

Rayban Lens Sticker

Most new pairs have a sticker on the lens signifying the lens colour or quality. The sticker should be of similar logo and font quality, matching the other quality standards mentioned above.


The Feel

Passing your fingers over the acetate plastic or metal used to create the frame should reveal absolutely no rough edges. All Ray-Ban sunglasses are hand polished and inspected prior to leaving the factory. The defects from fakes are usually visible where the sunglasses close at the hinge.

The Weight

While one might think Ray-Bans should be light, that is actually far from the truth. Due to using metal screws and metal hinges the weight adds up relatively quickly so be wary of any product that feels extremely light when held or worn.


These tips should help you spot just about any pair, but in particular Aviator, Wayfarer and Clubmaster models.

Have you ever been tricked into purchasing a fake pair ?

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